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What do we mean by "Age-Specific" training?

While some schools group all ages of children together, we understand that different maturity levels require different approaches to teaching. This is why we have created three separate programs for children. The Tiny Tigers Program is for our youngest children. Next is our Tigers program for older children, and finally we have our Dragons Program for pre-teen youth. We pride ourselves on making sure our classes are fun, exciting and relevant to each and every child, regardless of age or ability.

Teenagers also have their own program which acknowledges the unique challenges that come with the transition from teen to adult.

Finally there are our adult classes, which are open to adults of any age. Just because you think you're past your prime doesn't mean you are. Come in and let us show you how we tailor our adult classes for students of all abilities or limitations. You might be surprised to find out what you're capable of.

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